About Isfanbul

a theme park in the world and Turkey, the first shopping center that combines shopping and exhibition centers, entertainment and lifestyle complex, which İSFANBUL, opened its doors on May 26 with an investment worth $ 650 million visitors in 2013.

Operating in the Gürsoy Group and spread over an area of ​​600.000m2, İSFANBUL offers alternatives for all ages and pleasure groups with its wide range of brands in open and closed shopping streets. İSFANBUL İSFANBUL Castle rising with all its glory at the entrance of Tema Park, is opening the doors of fairytale world while the show center has many other activities area that will appeal to concert area, wide green area, pond and massive mass. İSFANBUL Shopping Streets, which draws attention with its different architecture and offers trams from inside, offers shopping and pleasure outdoors with over 200 stores, eating and drinking points and activity areas.

Between Europe's Top 10 Theme Parks

Which incorporates the theme park and shopping center that performs a first in the world with an integrated concept of integrated retail world İSFANBUL Turkey welcomed 24 million visitors in 2015. Each year his İSFANBUL continues to grow with new investments, with international awards received consecutive continues to be the pride of Turkey. İSFANBUL entered the Top 10 Parks for the second time among the 800 theme parks in Europe in the European Star Award 2016 and the jury's special award in the category "Europe's Most Featured Retail Project" in ICSC in 2015, the "Turkey's Young Super Brand" was the winner of the prize. İSFANBUL also in Atrax Awards, "Turkey's Best Thematic Entertainment Center" and the Sign of The City Awards "Turkey's Best Socio-Cultural Project" was awarded the prize.

360 Degree Integrated Retailing

İSFANBUL is another unique example in the world with its own theme park and shopping center. İSFANBUL, which consists of theme park, hotel, shopping center and show center with 360 degree integrated retailing concept, provides family entertainment suitable for all age groups from 7 to 70. Turkey is the world's first and only theme park in the early standard İSFANBUL Theme Park side İSFANBUL Shopping Streets, also stands out not only as a shopping center life.

About Gürsoy Group

Founded in 1988, Gürsoy Group specializes in the restoration of historic monuments in the industrial, construction and service sectors and has signed the important buildings and living spaces of Istanbul. Feshane building, Miniatürk, 1453 Panorama Museum, Süleymaniye Mosque, Huber Mansion, Egyptian Consulate are some of these projects. With its years of experience and experience in restoration and architectural projects, Gürsoy Group continues to add value to life and the city in Istanbul and continues to invest heavily in big projects such as İSFANBUL and Venezia in the entertainment and retail sectors.