We are proud of being in the family of İSFANBUL, looking forward to life with a smile, open to change and innovations, having high energy and motivation and being the most desired work place of the industry.

Our Road Map

  • Keeping the motivation of our employees at the highest level,
  • If; to obtain personnel in accordance with their job qualifications and competencies, to pay attention to the company's technical knowledge,
  • To create a pleasant, efficient / efficient working environment and to provide settlement,
  • To ensure the continuity of corporate development, we must create and place systems that enable our employees to meet their individual development needs, be effective / productive, and develop their careers,
  • Taking care of personnel training for the manager positions and internal resources of the trainers,
  • To support all activities carried out with continuing education programs; equality of opportunity in education,
  • Effective leadership, organizing development programs for effective communication,
  • To implement performance-based compensation and reward systems that are fair, appropriate to market conditions,
  • To constantly follow the knowledge, skills and competencies of our employees about their work, their development needs with a fair and objective performance evaluation system,

Working in Isfanbul

Our employees as İSFANBUL; we are taking care to choose İSFANBUL from the candidates who have the potential to bring ISFANBUL to the future in the direction of our vision and to contribute with high motivation and performances, having the competencies required by İSFANBUL values ​​and business plans in line with our strategies and business plans.

We announce business opportunities in İSFANBUL with our web page and İK portals. Our human resources department invites eligible candidates with the expected qualifications and experience for open positions to discuss positions. Human Resources and related department managers collaborate in the recruitment process to identify the most suitable candidate for the open position. Competence-based interview techniques are used to question candidates' knowledge and skills during the interviews. We also make use of tools such as personality inventory and foreign language testing in our selection and placement process.

Our values

  • Our entire visit to İSFANBUL is our guest.
  • Confidence: We will not be.
  • Enjoyment: We live and live arbitrarily.
  • Happiness: We will be happy to see the smiling faces.
  • Customer Focus: The customer is very valuable to us.

The first step to join Isfanbul

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